Drag Fest Competitors


  • The competitors gate will open at 4:00pm on Thursday until 10:00pm.  Please adjust your travel time to arrive when the gates are open to avoid road congestion.
  • Any competition arriving after 10:00pm are asked to park in the campground area and line up for an 8:00am start on Friday. Friday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, Sunday 8:00 am – 10:00 am


  • Price is $250.00 per competitor any day entry
  • Pit Crew $60.00 per member weekend price

Pit Rules

  • One pit area assigned per paid Race Vehicle
  • All campers, trailers, pit vehicle and support equipment for this pit must fit into the assigned pit. All other vehicles must be parked in the spectators parking area as space is limited.
  • Please respect your fellow racers/campers. If you run a generator please ensure you are not gassing out your fellow campers.
  • Place garbage at the cans for pickup and clean your pit before you leave.
  • Other then during race times, charges of driving without wearing a helmet for those vehicles where required may be issued.
  • Charges may be laid by the police for drinking other residence when not in your pit when applicable.


Grounds For Disqualifications And Rank Of Worst Offenses ( the lower the number, the worse the offense)

0. Burnouts in the staging lanes or in the pit area, or return road.
0. Use of alcoholic beverages or other impairment of driver, or crewman.
1. Failure to report to staging when called or entering a closed staging lane.
1. Leaving race car after approaching starting line,leaving car unattended at starting line,water box or staging area
1. Refusing an official re-run.
1. Running a vehicle on the track before the vehicle has been approved by tech director at each event.
1. Unsportsmanlike conduct, improper language or conduct detrimental to racing.
1. Any condition considered to be unsafe or unfair by the race director and/or the technical committee.
1. Utilization of Delay Box in a class in which it is prohibited.
2. Failure to fire the engine in required manner for a class of participant.
2. Backing into staging beams.
3. Touching strip center line, in any situation during measured 1,320 feet (or 1/8 mile) unintentionally. (except on single run)
4. Neutral start.
5.Touching strip outer marker line or leaving strip surface during a measured race unintentionally. (except on single run)
5. Excessive braking in handicap eliminations that causes loss of control. If only tire smoke is obvious, a warning may be issued for first offense. This is at the discretion of race director.
6. Overstaging.
7. Foul start on dual competition run.
8. ” Breakout” or running under your dial-in on a dual competition run.
9. Not crossing the finish line on a dual competition run.

Please Note:

  • In cases of equal infractions, the “first” offense will be the loser. Race director will determine “first” offense.
  • Items ranked “0” will be given a value by race director depending on circumstances.
  • In dual offense situations, the worse offense is the applicable offense, unless both are equal, then the first offense will be the loser.
  • Should a driver receive a red-light foul start, and the opposing driver crosses the lane boundary line, the later infraction would prevail and the driver committing the foul start would be reinstated.


General Inquiries
Email: info@dragfest.ca

Technical Inquiries
Richard Abbott
Email: hemirod@me.com
Phone: 807-629-0934

Vendor Information
Mark Houston
Phone: 807-823-0556

Mailing Address
Superior Classics Car Club
Box 568, Terrace Bay Ontario
P0T 2W0