Harassment Policy

  Superior Classics Car Club

1. All members of the Superior Classics Car Club (volunteers, drivers, pitcrew, executive) shall  not be subjected to harassment or abuse by any other member or attendee.

2.Any act of abuse directed to or against our members will not be tolerated. Abuse is any  physical or verbal threat such as swearing, shouting, cyberbullying or any inappropriate  behavior.

3.The victim  should follow these procedures in seeking a resolution to the problem

(i) inform the perpetrator directly, or in the case of a minor, through his/her parents, that  the harassing behavior is objectionable;

(ii) if the behavior persists, or if unwilling to utilize step (i), inform the club president of your  concerns, so that he/she can mediate or resolve the    issue;

(iii) if necessary, the police will be contacted by calling 911

4.Any person found guilty of harassment by the Club shall be subject to the consequences imposed by the Executive up to being asked to leave the premises and including a one year  suspension.

5.The Superior Classics Car Club Executive is committed to providing a safe and positive  venue. This policy is guided by the Human Rights Code, RSO 1990, c H.19 and the Criminal        Code, RSC 1985, c C-46.



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