About the Superior Classics Car Club

The Car Club was formed in 1998 by a group of car enthusiasts. Many members are professional tradesmen, managers, and engineers. We are located in Terrace Bay & Schreiber, Ontario, on the north shore of Lake Superior, about 200 km east of Thunder Bay.

Our focus is on supporting automotive enthusiasm of all kinds, although most focus is on performance cars of the “muscle car” era. Ongoing events include club cruise nights, regional car shows, and our premier event, the annual Drag Race.

The Drag Race

In late 1998 the idea for “getting our hands on the airport” surfaced. The town council supported the idea, and our annual drag race was born.

Club members were steadfast that it be a high quality, high access, low cost, professionally operated drag race. After much searching, we successfully retained Mr. John Fletcher as our race technical manager, who had previously owned and operated Cayuga Raceway in southern Ontario. He did an outstanding job in ensuring the quality of the event was consistently high.

We intentionally kept entry fees low and raced only for trophies. And all racing is “bracket racing”, where a slower car is given a head-start over a faster car, thereby equalizing the competition.

Despite many hurdles, the event has become very successful. In 1999 we had 187 competitors, which has grown to over 300. Most were from the Thunder Bay area, but several came from as far as southern Ontario, Winnipeg, and Minnesota. Although most vehicles were street legal, few were completely stock. In 1999 the fasted car time was 10.02 seconds, posted by a 500 cubic inch Chevy S10. But by 2002, times had dipped into the 9 second range, and a featured 2000 horsepower blown alcohol funny car ran a the 7 second time at over 200 miles per hour. It WAS impressive! These days the 200 mph mark is challenged every year.

Spectators now number over 5,000 over three days (the population of Terrace Bay is 1,600!). The dance, which was held in the local arena was filled to overflowing.

Sponsors who donated money, products, and services, including machinery and employee time, have been critical to the race success. Without their help the event would have been impossible. Our sincere thanks to all firms and individuals who helped us.

Over its history, the race has been financially successful, allowing continued investment into permanent and improved facilities for competitor and spectators alike. We have also supported local service clubs and charities, with total donations now exceeding $275,000.00. Major recipients include the Camp Quality (for kids with cancer), Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, Terrace Bay McCausland Hospital, local fire departments, ambulances, food bank, and animal shelters. It is our objective, conditions permitting, to continue this philosophy, of helping those who help others in our region.


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